Hi Anthony,

Can't you select all the sounds you want for each of the accordion areas (treble, bass and chords) via the accordion MIDI controller? I would think you would be able to program any combination of sounds you might want, store them in the accordion's MIDI controller memory, and select them from the control panel on the grill of your accordion. That way you never have to touch the XD3 for getting the sounds you want. You will have to use the XD3 for setting up other functions though.

Originally posted by anthonycarriero:
AJ, I am a midi accordion player with both the MS40 and XD3. The MS40 allowed me to use MODES and LOWER ON to pick new voices for the BASS and CHORDS when playing manual basses with my left hand on the accordion.
How can I do the same with XD3?
Bell midi piano accordion
Ketron MS40 and XD3

Bill Ritter