Try out the Samson Expedition Series and comment.

Anyone who likes the Yamaha Stagepas system will love the Samson system. It beats the Yamaha on many levels.

1. Has a fan in the amp
2. Has an iPod connector for break music or tracks
3. Has speaker mounts built in.
4. Has better Bass response
5. Is $100 Less at $499 for the 300watt system...They also have a 500watt pair.

I have the set up with a Tyros 3 and an S910 and an S90X on the Stagepas system in the store and they really sound better than the Yamahas.

I would be interested to read comments from Arranger acts who may have an opportunity to demo them at a local Music store. Waaaay better then the Bose Compact system for keyboard players. at half the dough.

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