I just spoke with Don, he is still groggy but he'll be fine in a couple of hours. He thinks he already feels better, so, that's a good thing.

To everyone... I have been through this twice. Both Don and I were lucky. So far, haha. If you feel like you have a band around your chest, a tightness around your chest, maybe a bit difficult to get air... that is a classic symptom. Cal 911 if it happens to you. Don't wait or else you might end up like 40% of all people who have a heart attack -- first episode and they're dead.

By the way, second time it happened to me, it was not that feeling at all. It just felt like my heart was "heavy." A heavy feeling centered around the heart. It's human nature to deny and want to delay going in but try your best to overcome that and just make the call.
~ ~ ~