Well, the good news is that I actually accomplished the job. Me being the one who knows damn near nothing about sound and how to hook up all the thingamajigs. It took me about 45 minutes to disassemble all his stuff and put my stuff in, but I figured it out. Then, I slayed them.

I got $345 in tips, I got a free meal, free drinks from all the new fans I met and two ladies offered themselves to me. One didn't have any teeth. The other one, I took her up on it. Or down. Anyway, Don doesn't need that, as he is happily married to the saintess, Susan. What do you call a female Saint?

GIG RECAP: I was AMAZED at the vocal quality coming from those Bose Compacts. I don't sing THAT good. And my s900 did fine. I guess I used two or three midi's, the rest styles, and twice, the key (midi) surprised me. And this is after I have taken great care (preparing midi's) to make sure I start off in the right key. I don't understand why that happens but it just won't do. I don't know if I got a setting screwed up or what but it's not the first time. I'm expecting it to be Bb or whatever and it starts out in E.

But who cares. $345 in tips, free food, free booze, free women. My kind of gig. I won't tell Susan, she will worry that this happens to you all the time. I mean, the free womens.

Take your time, Don, you need to take it easy for a few weeks, I can handle it.

P.S. Don called me just before midnight and wanted an update! Haha, I said Man, you got moosishun's hours or what? This is the guy going under the knife in five hours. I think he was worried I would botch his gravy train, haha. I slayed them! $345 in tips! Free food, free booze, free womens. Did I tell y'all that?

EDIT: Wouldn't you know he upstaged me. I made my insightful post and then see that he just posted right before me. The nerve of that guy!

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