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This question John can only be answered BY YOU ALONE! You have to go out find these KB's and play them....use YOUR OWN ears not to be swayed by what you read here .....
Your own playing experience & YOUR OWN EARS will make you a happy buyer/player. All of these TOTL units can be configured & tweaked to sound fantastic if you have the talent to do so......Dont get caught up in the mine is better then yours posts.

Good luck

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Donny says it very well!!!

John in the last 15 months I have owned the Tyros2, G70, PA800 and Pa2xPro. Everyone of these keyboards have strong points. At times I wish I had back the G70, sometimes the Tyros2. imho, I rate them all as number one keyboards. It's just a matter of finding one that has the slight edge. For now for my use that seems to be the PA2xPro. I do tend to agree to Chony, Yamaha maybe the way to go for home. At least I use a Clavinova CVP 307 for home use. Good luck on whatever you decide to purchase.