I advise you to wait some time to see if Roland catches up with a new model, the G-70 (or E-80) are somewhat outdated in respect to the new Pa2x or T3, try out all models for some hours and pick up the one you like the most. As always it's a matter of personal taste, (sounds, styles, key feel, etc.), I for example, using keyboards only at home not being a professional player, always had Roland keyboards (starting from G-800, then G-1000 and therafter G-70, with a biref VA-7 appearence in my home in the middle), because I liked the touch and feel of the 76 keys keybed. In fact I got the VA-7 after the G-1000 for its sounds and styles, but returned it quickly for its 61 keybed I didn't like.
I am a friend of a local dealer that allows me to pick up a keyboard and try it out at home for some days, so I had the opportunity to try out some, like Ketron SD1, Tyros, PA1x, and always was uncomfortable with these, specially Yamaha, I was never able to make them "sounds good" for my ears.
Last one I tried was the PA2XPro and it impressed me much, if Roland does not come out with a new impressive model in a few months I think my home will have a new Korg presence.... :-)

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