I'm looking forward to making my favorite midis and styles sound even better on Tyros3. When I got my Tyros2 it didn't take that much to do that with older files I had. Most of it was done onboard live, changing some of the older voices to the newer ones. I had fun and don't consider it a chore at all. I'll also still have my Tyros2 a while nearby. I'll use Tyros2 for all the small holiday partys after Thanksgiving. Tyros3 won't leave the house until necessary!

I do expect a few songs I have to NOT sound better on Tyros3. At least in my mind, some songs just sounded better on your past keyboards no matter what you do to them. My ears have just gotten used to a specific model's playback, and anything else sounds to different. Some of my gig disks I put together for PSR3000 come to mind. When I play them at my parent's house, they inherited it, they just sound better than when I played them on Tyros2. -charley