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As I mentioned earlier, if you think the demos are good, wait till you hear it live, your chin will be on the floor.


What happens if you think an arranger's demos suck?

Camcorder demos definitely compromise the audio to the point of little use, at least for objectively listening to the sound quality. But you'll usually find most manufacturer audio demos to be MUCH closer to the final sound, allowing for a close impression, at least...

I have heard Roland, Yamaha and Korg arrangers in person, and spent much time listening to their demos. Yes, there is a slight improvement 'live', but it is nowhere NEAR enough to rescue a very bad demo to the point of 'jaw-dropingly' good.

Admittedly, I listen to all the demos (and my own G70) through a pair of Mackie HR824's, so at least they are not being further compromised by hearing them through some crappy computer speakers... That's something you need to take into account. But the factory audio demos come VERY close to the actual live sound of my G70.