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Best of luck to ya', Dennis.

BTW, if production of original stuff is going to be your main thrust, don't try too hard to make the XS do it all. Especially drums... Give BFD or DFH2 a try, even EZ Drummer if you are on a budget, on your DAW ( or even a spare computer if you have one!). No keyboard even comes CLOSE to those, IMO...

We use a combination of BFD and Stylus RMX in the studio for mockups and the occasional final track, and done right, it's amazing!

Get the drums right, and the rest just flows...

Thanks for the kind thoughts and the heads-up Diki.

I had heard BFD was almost market leader in drums, so I might have a good look at it now. I do have JamStix 2 which has some pretty good drums, and you can use BFD as a plugin with it, so yes it will be definitely worth a look.


Thanks for the links Donny, I have visited both several times whilst deciding if the XS was the way forward for me. I got mine at a very VERY good price, which also helped the decision