Hi ScottY

Didn't you post somewhere that this was the best sounding PA you've ever used? That says a lot coming from you. You've peaked my interest and may have to pull out and dust off my z5500.

Could you give the EQ settings that you've found work the best for you? Yes, I'm getting the idea to see if my father-in-law would build me one of these. I'm considering having it done as 2 seperate cabinets to make it a bit lighter and also to be able to stack them on top of each other on top of the sub. Maybe even go for an 8" or 10" speaker. Also considering using black carpet for the covering. We'll see

It sounds like the POZ setup takes care of my only objection which was no mids or depth of sound. May as well give it a try as long as I have one.

I have to admit when I used to hook up my JBL 10 Eon G2's WITH the z5500 it was really quite nice.


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