Yep, I indeed am the lucky recipient of Pose's custom rig (Poz-1) and really enjoying it alot. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it sounds, especially with the 2 additional 6" center speakers + tweeter. Nice rich full bodied STEREO (and 5+1 surround).Those two added "Cerwin Vega" 6" center speakers + tweeter has solved the lack of mid-range frequency presence that I felt the stock z5500 system alone lacked.

I find this 2 piece rig easy to transport(20 lbs lighter than my EV SxA100's) with its rubberized grip retractable handles (@32 lbs each piece) and compact (mid speaker cab: 19" x 22" 9 "; sub: 13" x 13" x 15") making it an easy fit in my car trunk with plenty of room to spare for my other gear as well. This rig offers 3 quick setup configuration options:

1) the multi-speaker cabinet sitting on floor tilted back on it's side mounted cool 60's retro looking geniune CHROME Fender tilt back legs (aka: wings) . . . yeah . . . . I especially love these.


2) the multi-speaker cabinet sitting atop my Ultimate Support tripod speaker stand (1-3/8" pole diameter)


3) the mid cabinet speaker sitting directly above the sub on the sub's pedestal (as pictured below)

Ok. I received the Poz-1 last week and immediately noticed how clear, rich & full my vocals and acoustic piano sounded, and when playing in arranger mode, appreciated hearing all the instruments each with individual expression & character with the beat (groove) full of energy.

I tried it out for the first time on a gig last Saturday at an outdoor block party gig and it packed plenty of outdoor punch to keep the crowd dancing and groovin' all afternoon. That said, I think this system most ideally suited for small-medium venues (up to 100-125 people). My deepest gratitude & thanks goes out to my buddy Pose (both a terrific musician & talented craftsman), who lives 300 miles north of me (near Susanville, CA), for designing and building this custom rig for me. A big thanks also goes out to Gary Diamond for encouraging me to take another look & listen with the Logitech Z5500 PA option, and Larry Cochran for his electrian knowledge and additional reassurance that this surround sound system able to deliver the pro level PA results required of pro keyboard/vocal musicians. This is one hell of a PA system and I'm quickly discovering that it's got further potential & power to sound 'even better' after some further tweaking (Tyros2 Keyboard EQ & Z5500 parameter adjustments).

I realize that some people here will stick steadfast to their notion that the PC intended Logitech Z5500 surround system can't possibly sound very good or have the power & ruggedness required for a gigging Keyboard PA, and that's fine with me. I'm simply going to laugh my way to the bank, having saved myself hundreds (thousands?) of dollars in compared to the named brand Pro PA's: JBL, EV, Mackie, Barbetta, Bose L1, etc as the stock Logitech Z5500 alone will cost me less than $200 (after manufacterer rebate).

If anyone's interested in building one of these, Pose has generously shared all specs and building instructions here

Ok, here are some pics I took of my new rig. - Scott

Scott Yee Entertainment

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