Good day everyone! And I mean "every" one.

Now that I got that out of the way.. uhmm.. I recorded a demo of one of the drum kits on my Fantom G7. The drum kit in question is the MeShell1 Kit and it is from the preset Rhythm section. I posted two links. The first one is the .mp3 and the second is a .wav file for those with a high speed connection and with a discerning preference and taste for higher quality 'uncompressed' audio. >> Same exact file recording with first one converted to an .mp3 and the second one the original .wav file. Enjoy! I'm really liking my new Fantom G7 more and more as time goes by! Have a great weekend everybody! And again, that includes Fran and Diki as well. LOL

Fantom G MeShell Drum Kit .mp3

Fantom G MeShell Drum Kit .wav
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