Originally posted by Dnj:
Lets just wait till it is released.....then I'm sure the bashing will get more intense

We've been waiting for "ages" already Donny! People need to bash it while they can since we might not get our hands on the Audya for several more ions. And while we're at it: if the status quo for the Audya keeps up, by the time the Audya IS finally released you may find me and most other members here on this forum in an old folks home.. lol.. And needless to say, the technology used in the Audya will be obsolete, and by then the Audya will only be fit for a museum.

PS: The reason I joke around about the Audya is that I am hoping the big wigs at Ketron will take notice (if they happen to see it that is) and to get their rears in gear, stop procrastinating, and get the Audya finally released; instead of us watching Ketron dillydally and wait for the next Musikmesse trade show in Frankfurt, Germany where they can showcase it for the 3rd, 4th, or 5th time. Or will this next Musikmesse be the 6th time they have showcased the Audya without releasing it?? LOL.. whew!!.. I better quit before I lose my supper..

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