Lets just wait till it is released.....
then I'm sure the bashing will get more intense.....no use getting worked up over something that isn't available yet. The Audya will take you into another direction for sure as far as arranger playing is concerned....BUT do you want to go there? .....many here & in the arranger world THIN OUT their style parts omitting many sounds, some dont even want to confirm playing an Arranger even though they do just to be accepted amongst their peers .......now add & mix in to your style playing all the New Fangled Audio Accompaniments, MP3,Wav,SMF,SFX, Sampling & time stretching features of the Audya & we now have an
Arranger/DJ/Karaoke/Smf/Mp3/Wav/machine all in one! If that's you avenue of music playing then the Audya will be the best thing since sliced bread for you......but, for others it will wreak of Cheesyness beyond belief........it's your choice.....lets see what Audya really brings to the table next year shall we?

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