Bernie....glad to hear your enjoying the G70. When I get the urge I play Fran's at the studio many times. I miss many of its great features, sounds & styles, key-feel, makeup tools, SMF playback, VH, touch screen, but I dont miss the size & weight & really hope next time around Roland makes a few changes to make me re-purchase another arranger in the near future. I'm a singer first & a player second so my arranger KB needs are always geared for my accompaniment to my singing versus a Solo non singing player who uses sounds for melody continusously It's going to be an interesting next wave of arrangers from all the manufacturers for sure. I'd love to also see a possible upgrade to the CM30 also, maybe a CM60 or CM100. The CM30 played within its power range is a very formidable piece of gear. I will certainly report back on the Fender PD250......I also want to demo the PD500 too. I bought it for a certain niche to fill in my gear arsenal nothing more. Sound, transport & convenience is imperative for the working musician, I'm hoping it fits the bill. I like the fact that BOSE was involved in the design of the PD250 also
If not Bye Bye

Carry on..

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