I posted this in the Roland Arranger forum but didn't get a reply so will try here:
I want to buy the new E-80 Version2 OS but my local dealer is no longer my local dealer. I was just advised by the President of Colton Music in San Jose that they are no longer selling Keyboards
So I need to talk to another dealer that is selling this new Operating system for my E-80 as follows:
E-80 Version 2
News - Keyboard news
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Roland releases E80 Version. Thanks to the OS version 2 you can play back MP3 files generated on (or downloaded with) your computer. You can also create playlists of several MP3 songs to be played back consecutively. The New E-80 Version 2 is also supplied with new Music Styles collection, called “Gold Standard Styles”. If you own already an E-80, you can upgrade it to the version 2 using the “E-80v2 Upgrade Kit”. Please contact your local Roland dealer to have the “E-80 version 2 Upgrade Kit “.
Please contact Bebop at my email address above if you can supple this to me and thank you