ATTN: Roland E 80 Dealers

Posted by: BEBOP

ATTN: Roland E 80 Dealers - 04/08/08 05:25 PM

I posted this in the Roland Arranger forum but didn't get a reply so will try here:
I want to buy the new E-80 Version2 OS but my local dealer is no longer my local dealer. I was just advised by the President of Colton Music in San Jose that they are no longer selling Keyboards
So I need to talk to another dealer that is selling this new Operating system for my E-80 as follows:
E-80 Version 2
News - Keyboard news
Written by admin
Roland releases E80 Version. Thanks to the OS version 2 you can play back MP3 files generated on (or downloaded with) your computer. You can also create playlists of several MP3 songs to be played back consecutively. The New E-80 Version 2 is also supplied with new Music Styles collection, called “Gold Standard Styles”. If you own already an E-80, you can upgrade it to the version 2 using the “E-80v2 Upgrade Kit”. Please contact your local Roland dealer to have the “E-80 version 2 Upgrade Kit “.
Please contact Bebop at my email address above if you can supple this to me and thank you
Posted by: Diki

Re: ATTN: Roland E 80 Dealers - 04/08/08 05:34 PM

AFAIK, Bebop, this OS has not been released yet, either in Europe, or in the US (and US releases usually take longer as the lawyers wait for the bugs to get fixed first).

AFAIK, RolandUS STILL do not have V3 for the G70 on their site! Talk about caution...

RolandUS are in disarray at the moment, after the debacle of putting the arranger line lock stock and barrel in the hands of the CK dealers, who did NOT want to carry them. The products are great, but the dealer support has just about dried up.

You MIGHT try to get this from a European dealer when they have it, rather than wait for RolandUS to get their asses in gear...
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Re: ATTN: Roland E 80 Dealers - 04/09/08 09:23 AM

thank you Diki,
I got the info from the Roland User Forum and just assumed it was at the dealer's from what was posted there.
MY dealer quit selling keyboards and now only sells pianos, and in this economy, I doubt that they are selling many of those either
OH well
Best to all,