Hey guys and gals..
I wanted to start a video/chat site for a couple reasons...It is neat to see who we are chatting with..This site will also allow us to talk ..as in a room or individually with anyone in the General Arranger room..It will also allow us to play our arrangers sending audio to the room, up to 30 second clips..
We can also IM each other and also private chat with full video and audio..

For those that like to type ...it is always available..

It will probably take some time before others[all] decide to sign on...
I am also working on a host contact that will not be limited for us...

I will absorb the costs...it will always be free to all of you..

I would also like to affirm, that this chat/video site will not and never intended to replace Nigel's SZ..I just thought it would be great to expose everyone to the new possibilities my[our] site will offer..

Any questions can be referred to the administrator "king"...DNJ

Look forward to "seeing" everyone...