I have found that most electronic devices overall which are made on that peninsula exceed the quality of those similar which are made elsewhere. These people and their traits...when out to set a goal, they reach it and then some. They do not by any means whatsoever "skimp" or cut corners. It is the same reason why a Volvo wagon has 16 airbags and is likely to be, no, correction, IS the safest passenger wagon on the globe. They dont FFFFFFFFFFF you know, they dont go being stupid and don't mess around with any cheapness. If they manufactured processor chips that were overclockable for instance, you could overclock it to the point where your Malaysian motherboard started dripping out of the case. It's because of the people behind the design, and I honor them for it. The rest of the world (east and west) is only beginning to understand that this is how all things should be. Life is too short for 2nd best.