I can't believe this.

Posted by: epu

I can't believe this. - 07/27/02 04:43 PM

I'm man enough to admit things that I'm not to happy about.

One of those things is, even though I gig out all the time and consider myself semi-pro, I've never come across actually playing the Clavia Nord Lead. I've played every other synth and board imaginable. Even the soft synths.

That was. . . until yesterday. I just happened to stop in my local Sam Ash to audition the latest gizmos and whatnot. they had the Clavia Nord Lead 2 and 3. I now see wat all the buzz was about. The sounds seemed so fresh, warm and a joy to play.

I've got to get one of these in my studio when I get the money. Soft synths are cool to, but nothing like having a tangible red synth in front of you.

The Infamous Epu.
Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: I can't believe this. - 07/27/02 10:07 PM

Buttons are great. That's why I have a dedicated hardware mixer (1604vlzpro)and all outboard digital effects in my studio. Only the MTR is digital(vsr880) - all the rest is "hand on".
I like the feel on instant gratification when I turn something ... I wanna HEAR a change !
So..... you like thge Nord, huh? Is it Moog-ish? Fat, stacked oscilators and all?
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: I can't believe this. - 08/12/02 09:11 AM

I have found that most electronic devices overall which are made on that peninsula exceed the quality of those similar which are made elsewhere. These people and their traits...when out to set a goal, they reach it and then some. They do not by any means whatsoever "skimp" or cut corners. It is the same reason why a Volvo wagon has 16 airbags and is likely to be, no, correction, IS the safest passenger wagon on the globe. They dont FFFFFFFFFFF you know, they dont go being stupid and don't mess around with any cheapness. If they manufactured processor chips that were overclockable for instance, you could overclock it to the point where your Malaysian motherboard started dripping out of the case. It's because of the people behind the design, and I honor them for it. The rest of the world (east and west) is only beginning to understand that this is how all things should be. Life is too short for 2nd best.