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True. I did use the Genesys Ensemble (home model) for this video. But as you know, the Genesys Pro has the very same functionality.

I am going to be working on additional videos using the Genesys Pro. If you don't mind my asking you, what areas would you like to see covered in short "how to" videos?



Donít get me wrong, I do realize the task that is ahead of you trying to put all the features of the Genesys in a compact over view package.

I think the Genesys Ensemble demonstration did the job to show how it can be used in that setting.

If you plan to do further demonstrations with the Genesys pro, (witch I am glad you are), one of the things I would focus on, in my humble opinion, is the solo gigging musician in mind.

I would do a more extensive demonstration of the style section and show how easy it is to use on a gig.
Show how sequences, CD, Wave and MP3 files can be incorporated in a gig whether as part of a set or to use during a break.
I would also demonstrate how easy it is to setup and customize the keyboard using memories, sound and style presets song dater base and use of the different drives (floppy, hard disk, CD and ram).

If there is still time whether on the same demonstration or a different take, you can also demonstrate how useful the Genesys could be for creators (composers, arrangers, producers and sound designers).

Just my thoughts