For anyone interested in a more close up view of the Genesys Series instruments, I have completed the QuikView Video Demo of the Genesys series and it is now available as streaming media from the Generalmusic USA website. This video was recording using the Genesys Ensemble; however, EVERYTHING that is shown works exactly the same on the Genesys SP and Genesys Pro portable keyboards. To go directly to the Genesys Ensemble webpage click HERE .

There is a lo-res version for dial-up connections as well as a broadband version for higher screen resolution. I have also sectioned of the 45 minute video into shorter segments if you don't have time to watch the entire video in one sitting.

I hope you enjoy this latest installment of on-line video demos.



Wm. David McMahan
Nat'l Product and Support Manager
Generalmusic USA
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