this past weekend I was performing live... I found again that there is no replacement for SK880... so I ended up bringing the sk880 with me all the way...(broke my back but what choice do I have?)

1) 10 wonderful sliders. It is important for me to control the volume of each track separately in REAL TIME. Without sliders, I do not know how you can do it VERY FAST and Very reliable, in REAL time, while you are controling the styles, the speed, and playing all the music...

2) Very large Screen. I do not have to memorise that 48 is strings, the screen shows me the name of the style or sound and I simply select it.

3) the performances: style perfomances, song performances, and general performances..

4) programability... VERY VERY important... Absolute control is esential. I have not met more programmable keyboard than sk880 and its sisters.

For next keyboard, I do not mind,

1) more sliders
2) larger screen
3) better handling and more ability to program and use performances.
4) even more programmability...VERY VERY VERY important

But also:

1) support for MTC
2) support of more tweaqing of styles.
3) Add one style track for precussions or possibly for fillings... because drums in fillings need to be louder than drums in variation.
4) built in Arabic scale converter like WK2oriental. (not a big deal, but it does make life easier)


....Totally new sounds and styles.....

Every keyboard will fall and rise on its sounds and styles...