Hello! I stumbled on news, and I found it to be very exciting.

Generalmusic released a new Pro Piano, but to me seems a lot more than just 'a' elec. piano in the Pro serie. It looks more like a crossing between a Equinox and a Pro2, with huge improvements like 128 MB Ram, full programable DSP (something new called DRAKE). This makes me think that new instruments could (in theory) be loaded in this instrument, and programming the DSP's more like a regular instrument emulator on a Windows machine does (I am thinking of a native B4 or so ).

Also, I am thinking of the new workstation to be released on NAMM, like Cris told us. It is unevitable that DRAKE is also a technique that should be in that. Maybe also a polyphony of 320 notes?! Who will know...

check it out on http://gem.generalmusic.com/en/products/pro/promega3.html (ENGLISH)!

BTW I didn't read anything about internal harddisks: how do you load a 120 MB Steinway in it? With MIDI or floppy disk ?

Greetings every one!

I think I'll stick with my Equinox and WK4 - www.jukeboxband.com