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NEW GEM PRO MEGA3!!!!! - 09/21/01 04:38 AM

Hello! I stumbled on news, and I found it to be very exciting.

Generalmusic released a new Pro Piano, but to me seems a lot more than just 'a' elec. piano in the Pro serie. It looks more like a crossing between a Equinox and a Pro2, with huge improvements like 128 MB Ram, full programable DSP (something new called DRAKE). This makes me think that new instruments could (in theory) be loaded in this instrument, and programming the DSP's more like a regular instrument emulator on a Windows machine does (I am thinking of a native B4 or so ).

Also, I am thinking of the new workstation to be released on NAMM, like Cris told us. It is unevitable that DRAKE is also a technique that should be in that. Maybe also a polyphony of 320 notes?! Who will know...

check it out on (ENGLISH)!

BTW I didn't read anything about internal harddisks: how do you load a 120 MB Steinway in it? With MIDI or floppy disk ?

Greetings every one!

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Re: NEW GEM PRO MEGA3!!!!! - 09/21/01 11:01 AM


Thank you for the info.
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Re: NEW GEM PRO MEGA3!!!!! - 09/22/01 03:41 PM

Thanks for informing us of that information JoostMerema. Right when I read your post, I went to check out the General Music link you provided.

The Pro Mega 3 looks awesome! It has a massive mixing console provided with weighted keys and even 320 notes of polyphony! I've never heard of a keyboard having so many features!

I've read about the Pro series that General Music creates, but it looks like they are just geared towards digital pianos and the recreation of the real piano sound. I noticed it has only, from with what I've read, 60 voices, where the Equinox has 1000 plus sounds that can be fully edited!

By the way, do you know if General Music is going to release a new workstation similar to that of the Equinox? I'm wondering because I've heard some news about a possible new workstation coming out and I would really appreciate it if anyone knew anything about it!

Well, thanks a lot - I really appreciate you sharing your information!
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Re: NEW GEM PRO MEGA3!!!!! - 10/07/01 09:37 AM

O.K let me clarify a couple of things.

The new PRO MEGA series is designed to replace our existing PRO piano series, (PRO1 and PRO2). It is designed as a professional stage/studio piano and MIDI controller. The focus is on piano sounds, rhodes, wurlitzer and clavinet but there are many other excellent sounds included, (60 in all).

These instruments, (of which the PRO MEGA3 is the first), are not in any way designed as synth workstations, (like the Equinox). The 128M soundset is factory loaded and cannot be edited by the user. However the nature of the architecture allows us to change the internal soundset by flashing the instrument from a PC.

The PRO MEGA 3 simply has to be heard to be believed. All of the acoustic and electro-mechanical piano sounds will completely re-define your perceptions and expectations of electronic instruments from this moment on. We have been performing blindfold tests in which musicians have truly been unable to distinguish the sound of the PRO MEGA from a real 9ft piano or an original Fender Rhodes. We would never have even dared to try something like that before now!

The other new instrument in development is an arranger keyboard, (the successor to the WK6/WK8 series), which will have onboard styles, sequencer and MUCH MUCH MORE. Both instruments will be unveiled at NAMM in January 2002.

As for the Equinox, it will continue as our synth/workstation product. We have no plans to replace it.

Chris Anthony
Generalmusic S.p.A
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Re: NEW GEM PRO MEGA3!!!!! - 10/10/01 09:30 PM

Thanks for the information, Chris Anthony! At first, I was not sure if the PRO MEGA3 could be used as a synthesizer, but you cleared that up for me in your post.

You at General Music are putting A LOT of effort into your keyboards, and musicians can tell! With this, you are also improving and concentrating on the musician's needs. I took a look at the PRO MEGA3 at your website and was amazed at how much of an improvement it was upon the Pro 1 and Pro 2! The replacement for the WK series is going to be just astonishing!

Well, thanks for informing us about your keyboards and we are looking forward to hearing from you again!