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Hey Dave,

Well, I'll be damn...I mean darn...I mean, I got it to work!

So, I suppose the next hurdle for me is converting all my standard midi files to GEM Blocks so I can add the chords and then get this wonderful transpose-the-notation feature.

They wouldn't happen to have software for a PC (XP or W2K) that could help me with this, would they?

Thanks again Dave!


Well, that would be nice, but I'm afraid you will have to do this work on the WK8.

Now if you had the Genesys......
There is a computer keyboard port that allows the connection of a standard ASCI keyboard so typing in lyrics and/or chords is much more entertaining than using the silk-screening below the instrument's keyboard.

Did I mention that the Genesys is backwardly compatible with the WK8?

But seriously, I am glad you got the transpose thing to work.

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