Interesting Al. Thanks for the heads up.

The G70 is rousing my interest but there are a few things that are holding me back from getting one. At a little over 45 lbs. the G70 is on the heavy side, at least to me anyway. Roland did a fantastic job in making the Fantom X7 Workstation (76 keys) which weighs only 32 lbs. If they could have accomplished that with the G70 they would no doubt sell many more of them in my opinion. There is no Hard Drive option which is a shame. You can only load one SRX expansion Card at a time. The Fantom XR (Rack Module) can load up to six SRX cards at a time. Why only one for the G70? Only Roland knows for sure. The price is another concern with the G70 ranking as one of the most expensive Arrangers yet.

And I definitely want to wait and see if Yamaha relents and does indeed produce a 76 Key version of the Tyros 2. If not, I will hold on to my Tyros "I" and bide my time to see if they come out with a 76 key Arranger later on down the road. I won't hold my breath though and may eventually jump ship if the opportunity arises and the price is right. Roland and Korg are on the right path but they are still lacking in some areas for my playing needs and also because Yamaha has such great online user support with Styles, software, and an expansive owner/user help base. Something you just don't get with the other Brands in my opinion.

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