The May issue of Keyboard Magazine ( reviews the Roland G70 written by Stephen Fortner.

Full gamut of great sounds includes beautiful piano and killer organ mode. Great interface with brilliant housekeeping. Everything is tightly integrated. Vocal Harmonist rocks. Clearly-written manual.

A few sounds and styles are oddly organized. Physically too deep for many standard 76-key cases. Harmonic bar and SRX sounds can't be put into Styles. Finder can't search factory ROM for tones and Styles."

And the Conclusion?

It's a rewarding experience to make music with this powerful machine. Everything is so tightly integrated with, and linkable to, everything else that there are often many routes to the same destination, and I've only scratched the surface here. This would be daunting if it weren't for the work Roland's done making the interface almost take you by the hand. Has it earned rights to the title "ultimate", and lived up to it's $5K price tag? For the market they're after, I think so. This is an intermediate-to-advaned player's arranger, as evidenced by the fact tht training wheel-like one finger chords and guide modes that wait for the right note are present but down played. The Tyros has those, too, and save for B-3 sounds, is sonically competitive, but the G takes the lead for Keyboard feel, interactivity, and real-time control. It's a very significant act of leapfrom in the arranger race."

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