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Today I succeeded in flashing the WK8 to a WK8SE...Could Paul of Cris comment on this?

Hello all,

Just wondering if this is something I should consider being a WK8 owner. Is there any advantage to changing the OS to the SE version?

Here's an off-the-wall question...What would it take for me to get something changed on my current WK8 (other than buying a different keyboard)? $50, $100, maybe Euros? Well, I'm gonna take a shot here.

I've written before that I discovered a file number limitation per SMF folders. I've got a nice collection of midi files here and I've been loading them into the SMF folders. When I got to number 513 of the first folder, I could no longer place files into SMF1 (it took 513, but no more). Okay I thought, no big deal, I'll start filling up SMF2 and I did. But here's the snag, when you go and do a File Save to the harddrive, the program defaults to the bottom of the SMF1 folder even though I can no longer save there. I'm then required to press the UP key starting in the 500's holding it down till I get to the two dots (. .) representing the root of the drive at the top of the list. Press ENTER on the dots and then I see the rest of the folders. Go from there. You also have to hold the DOWN key to get to the bottom of a list to the first available open space for the new file otherwise you over-write the current file.

So I propose this, the F4 and F5 buttons are not utilized in the SAVE function. Any way of turning those into END UP and END DOWN buttons? Pressing either one brings you to the top of the list or bottom of the list respectively.

Pipe dream? You're probably right. You put that baby to bed four years ago. Oh well, how about a consideration for future boards.