This is my first post here. Someone gave me a broken Ensoniq EPS-16+ a few days ago and said I could have it if I could fix it. This is my first synth.

Well, it appears there are only 2 problems with this thing:
1)the power connector for the floppy drive is broken off the drive's circuit board. I managed to hold this connector together long enough for the keyboard to boot up. That's where I found the other problem
2) It appears the ROM card is missing. The slot next to the MIDI section on the back of the board is empty.

So, i guess my main questions at this point are: Is is possible to get a new floppy drive? Where do I get a memory card? Where do I get a users manual? and finally, where is the best place to get sounds once the hardware problems are sorted out?

Thanks in advance,
Dan Oltmans