I have often heard critisism aimed at the
PSR740,in particular the speaker system which obviously affects the sound you hear when trying one out.Bearing in mind the sound chip has been
taken from the previous flagship PSR8000 it
is obvious that the sounds are going to be excellent.If Yamaha had fitted a better speaker system the price would have gone up considerably as any musician knows that
wattage and drive units are what you pay for!
anyway as a pro musician I had an unexpected
chance to hear a PSR9000 belonging to another band and took the opertunity to compare the ROM chips using external sound
systems.Using a MIDI file of 2 common sounds
I fired both systems up in sequnce and nobody
in either band or a few onlookers could tell
which keyboard was playing back the midi file.Of course the PSR9000 has "live voices"
but these were not used on the midi songs in question!When I use the harmoniser nobody
has ever said it sounds false,on the contrary
are quite amazed,especialy when using the 2 women backing singers,using midi data.As far
as I'm concerned the PSR740 is a brilliant
keyboard that will not be matched price for
price when it comes to sound and features.My only real gripe is the lack of editing with
the sequencer but since all my programming is
done at home in front of the PC,I simply use
Cakewalk for the extras,etc.The Harmoniser also could have had a better noise threshold so I use an external Preamp with EQ and use the line setting to reduce any extranious noise.I also use DSP4 set to noise gate.This and the external preamp cleans up the Harmonies when used live on stage!Of course when the PSR9000 drops in price and is fairly common on the ol'second hand market I will hopefully grab one but until then the PSR740 holds it's own!Who knows,when the PSR750 is released it will probably be a cut down version of the PSR9000 which in itself will be superceded by the PSR10000 and people will then still find time to criticise that model!!!!At the end of the
day music should be fun and expressive regardless of what you own!
Best regards to all........Jock

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