Apologies for such a newbie question. I have just sold my trusty S-760 to buy a new E5000 Ultra. While I'm waiting for stock, my dealer loaned me a used E-4X Classic running EOS 4.01. I need to be up and running by the end of the week when I have a live gig to play. I'm going through the tedious process of converting my samples into EOS format. No problems here.

Here is my question:
I never used to send program changes to my S-760 when using it live. I would simply set up my performances (Roland-speak) which, for all-intensive purposes, are like a multi-mode setup for each song. So, all of the patches (or presets in EOS-speak) were set correctly for the appropriate midi channel. It appears from reading the manual that EOS does not have a method similar to this. ie Multi-mode is global per bank. Does everyone usually load in banks for each song and send program changes to get the desired presets on appropriate channels when using it live? I usually don't go with a pre-defined set-list and hit the next song on a vibe and what feels right for me. I'll typically be loading in a bank between songs but the sampler won't be in use for every song.

Anyone have suggestions for what works in a live setting? Any help you can offer is *greatly* appreciated as I have a limited amount of time to get this to happen by the end of the week.

Thanks in advance.