E5000 (or EOS Sampler) in Live Use

Posted by: fvicente

E5000 (or EOS Sampler) in Live Use - 12/06/99 05:01 PM


Apologies for such a newbie question. I have just sold my trusty S-760 to buy a new E5000 Ultra. While I'm waiting for stock, my dealer loaned me a used E-4X Classic running EOS 4.01. I need to be up and running by the end of the week when I have a live gig to play. I'm going through the tedious process of converting my samples into EOS format. No problems here.

Here is my question:
I never used to send program changes to my S-760 when using it live. I would simply set up my performances (Roland-speak) which, for all-intensive purposes, are like a multi-mode setup for each song. So, all of the patches (or presets in EOS-speak) were set correctly for the appropriate midi channel. It appears from reading the manual that EOS does not have a method similar to this. ie Multi-mode is global per bank. Does everyone usually load in banks for each song and send program changes to get the desired presets on appropriate channels when using it live? I usually don't go with a pre-defined set-list and hit the next song on a vibe and what feels right for me. I'll typically be loading in a bank between songs but the sampler won't be in use for every song.

Anyone have suggestions for what works in a live setting? Any help you can offer is *greatly* appreciated as I have a limited amount of time to get this to happen by the end of the week.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: E5000 (or EOS Sampler) in Live Use - 12/19/99 10:51 AM

I don't own an Eos Sampler but I use an ESI-4000 live.

What I do is load all the presets for my whole set into a bank. I currenly have 16meg of RAm Which seems to be more than enough for an hour set. I then assign program changes in each song which correspond to the preset number of the preset(s) I want to use for the song. When I push play i my sequencer the program changes recall the required preset.

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Re: E5000 (or EOS Sampler) in Live Use - 12/31/99 12:01 AM

I mostly play live. I always use a E4K
(EOS3.0b)and a E4XTultra as main samplers.
There is a little hint in the manual how to
create different Multimode-setups in the manual: Use the "initial track state" page
for it. Everytime you start such a sequence
(that is just containing intial track-state
parameters) the presets change in the Multimode... I actually never use this function because I use two launchpads(EMU controller) to send prg.-changes. I change
almost everything in the sampler during a
live-act.(I play sometimes up to 12 hours
non-stop. I modify instruments specially for
live purposes and I use all controller in the
EOS controlled by infrared-sensores and other weird stuff...)If a sampler iis made
for using it live then it's a EOS. If you have more, or more detailed questions, feel free to contact me. Bob- sr "Livesetter"

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Re: E5000 (or EOS Sampler) in Live Use - 01/21/00 04:12 PM

I use 2 esi-32s live.(one is a spare)I have them hooked to zip drives. The samples and presets for each song are in their own banks. I send a dummy program change on the esi's control channel followed immediately by a program change for the corresponding bank #. BAM!!!! All the right sample presets on the right midi channels!
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Re: E5000 (or EOS Sampler) in Live Use - 01/23/00 12:49 AM

Thanks for your reply.

How do you get them in their own banks? From what it looks like, there are 999 presets in a User Bank and 999 in a Flash bank. Are you simply sending bank select messages to select any presets above 128? I never thought about it that way but it looks like that would be perfect.

Thanks in advance for any further info you can provide.