OK Synthzonians.....here is a question for all of you..I saw in an earlier post regarding speakers where Uncle Dave mentioned the Mackie actives (450's) had a tendancy to overheat. The bigger question is ....are there definate advantages to owning speakers with built in amps (powered). I'm talking technology, not logistical issues (IE, I know it's more to lug equipment when they're separate etc....)With the new lightweight amps (21 lbs and less) which put out 1000+ watts (8 ohms) why go powered speakers? Do they all tend to overheat? I am considering the Mackie 300's (unpowered version of the 450). I have asked people in the stores up here, but I know that I'll get a better understanding by speaking with all of you. I'm looking at venues of 100-700 people (weddings / corporate parties / no bar gigs / large churches / wedding and banquet halls etc. I am confident after hearing the Mackies in person that they are plenty for me, but this amp issue is perplexing. If it comes down to preference, that's OK. But if there is a particular caution I should be aware of, I'd like to know it pre-purchase. Thanks Brian