I highly recommend the KP100S for the smaller intimate rooms (45-50 people max), but its 100 watt total output is not adequate for anything larger.

Also, as you may (or may not already know). both Larry Levin (Beakybird) and myself, opted to swap out our Motion Sound KP-100S's stock Eminence Alpha 8" woofers with a pair of improved bass response 8" OEM woofers (Eminence OEM model 840C) which produces a more extended bottom end. We purchased them from Orange County Speaker: http://www.speakerrepair.com/
and felt it well worth the added expense ($120). Installation was literally a snap (as there was no soldering required) and the entire process took less than 8 minutes. I highly recommend purchasing the KP100S from our SZ buddy Dan01 (Dan O'Neil) at Keyboard City: http://www.keyboardcity.net/ He'll take 'good care' of you. - Scott