Just a quick note to say I'm delighted that Casio worship has spread to this site. I have all sorts of toy and "real" Casio keyboards and love the blurring between toy & real music making that occurs in Casioland. I've got a CZ-3000 & CZ-1000/ A bunch of "bent" SK-1 & 5 toy samplers, an SK-60 (with surreal magic singer feature that sounds like Stereolab warming up)/ a VA-10 voice arranger (a toy but with many useful programmable multi/fx and in & out jacks), a Casio midi guitar with plastic strings.... Of course, I aspire to own a FZ sampler of some sort. The CZ synths are just great for the mentally ill. I'm often stunned by the variety and force of the sounds they pour out and am thinking of posting a wav. samples page in january. From my experience, the CZ3000 is better built (more of a luxury ride & less memory battery longevity trouble) than the CZ1000 or CZ-101 but all sound similar and are worth having