fyi I tried with super glue without taking back off etc and that didnt hold... when I took whole thing apart I was able to go above and kinda underneath it with the super glue and that seems to be working. I did order the part (its sitting in my bedroom) and its relatively easy to put on once you get the screws off the back...if I had to do it again I would use the replacement part instead of the glueing. once your inside you just unscrew bout 3 screws take out bad broken key set) they use 2 sets of white keys ... one is 3 white keys linked together and the other group is 2 white keys linked get both sets with shipping for bout $10 took about a week to arrive..just take out the bad set and screw in the new peice
in its place. then hard part--putting the cover on the back on again (100 screws it seems like)

Hehe anyways good luck with repair or replacement!