Hi, it's around 6 months since I bought a WK3500. For anyone who does not use the Casio Pianoman Forum, you are welcome to visit my website to hear various styles of piano playing on the WK at http://www.soundclick.com/tonygayle/
So what's my opinion of it? Well I've reached the limits of it now. I am working on Chopin Polonaises and finding neither the touch nor the 6 octave range adequate. But it was an absolutely GREAT buy and I have nothing but absolute praise for this instrument. It just simply begs you to play. These will go down in history as being one of, if not THE Casio finest musical product ever. The clarity of tone is exceptional. The actual keyboard itself I have to say is not up to my 15 year old Yamaha Electone and YPR Piano quality, but you get used to the 'clicky' feel. I now have to decide on just what to buy next !!

Hope this link helps you.


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