Yesterday, I uploaded a new master mfd with 2,100 records. ( )
If that URL is too long, just go to and then select Beginners | Music Finder | Bonus.

Since PSR-1000 owners can only load 1,000 records, I've also provided a separate zip file that breaks the master mfd file into 6 smaller components and updated about 50 individual fake book-specific MFDs.

This MFD will work perfectly well on the Tyros as well as the CVP209/207/205. For owners of older PSRs, I have also provided a Microsoft Word document that gives a 23-page printout of the information (song/style/tempo) stored in the master MFD.

By the way, the "lessons" on using the Music Finder now have screen shots from the Tyros as well as the PSR-2000. As I get the time, I will add Tyros illustrations to other lessons as well.
Joe Waters