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Peavey Links

  • Peavey Keyboards
  • Official Peavey site. Info & resources available including DPM & PC1600 factory presets
  • Celebration Studios
  • Dave Thomas will provide high quality acoustic samples for the SP & SP+ samplers if you contact him.
  • DPM-SP - Mellotron Samples
  • J. P. Hovercraft makes some of his Mellotron samples available in DPM-SP format.
  • DPM-SP Sample Site
  • Samples to download for your Peavey DPM-SP Sampler as well as sample CDs to buy.
  • DPM3 Editor for Windows
  • Win3.1 Editor
  • DPM-SP Yahoo Group
  • A mailing list/forum for DPM and SP products.
  • DPM SX/SXII - SXVirtual
  • Shareware Windows MIDI Based Controller software for the Peavey DPM-SX and SXII Samplers.
  • Music Machines Peavey Page
  • Some info on the PC1600 and Spectrum.
  • Paradox
  • A Peavey analog synth that never made it into full production.
  • PC-1600 & PC-1600x User Page
  • PC1600/x templates for controlling various synths plus info & tips.
  • PC-1600 & PC-1600x Paintwork
  • Page on repainting the PC1600/x buttons to make it easier to navigate in low lighting.
  • PC-1600 Patches
  • Godric provides PC1600 patches to control the M6 and Matrix 1000, TX81Z, DX7 & TX802, VL70. E-Mu Proteus & Morpheus and Roland D110. (Click on the Synths button)
  • PC-1600v
  • Mac OS X software that emulates the PC-1600 and allows you to program it using your computer.
  • Reviews of Peavey Equipment
  • Nice collection of reviews by users from Harmony Central
  • Sonicstates's Peavey Page
  • Collection of reviews & pictures of Peavey synths.
  • SP Resources
  • Info, links and other users' opinions of the Peavey SP sampler at Gear Fetish.
  • SP Users Studio
  • Dave Thomas's Peavey SP users page with info, links and sounds for the SP sampler.
  • Spectrum Group
  • Yahoo group for all of the instruments in the Peavey Spectrum line.
  • Spectrum Synth Site
  • Information, resources links and files related to using the Peavey Spectrum synth module.
  • Transformer Page
  • An unofficial page for the MIDI equipped Transformer guitar amp. Provides MIDI info plus other tips.

    Peavey Related Products

  • Celebration Studios
  • A collection of acoustic samples for the SP sample module.
  • SP Remote Control
  • Relativity Systems Windows95/PC based graphical editor/controller for the Peavey DPM-SP Sampler
  • Unisyn
  • Great Mac & PC editor / librarian from Mark Of The Unicorn with support for 216 different midi devices including Peavey's DPM-3, DPM-V3, Rane, MAP 33, MPE 14, MPE 28 & MPE 47 .
  • Zero-X Seamless Looper
  • WIndows looping software to help create seamless sample loops. Provides Peavey SP support.

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