Audio Gear

Audio Hardware Links

  • Apogee
  • Make high quality A/D converters and preamps with digital I/O.
  • Aphex
  • Pro audio sound processing products and maker of the well known Aphex Exciter.
  • Ashly Audio Inc. Home Page
  • Makers of a range of audio processors, power amps & mixing boards.
  • Bagend
  • Pro quality studio monitors. Featuring ELF (extended low frequency) technology.
  • Barbetta
  • Serious keyboard amplification for those serious about their sound. If you are shopping for a compact yet clean,full range amp, you must check out this range.
  • BBE Sound
  • BBE Sound make the Sonic Maximizer which is a very popular and highly reviewed mastering rack mount module.
  • Behringer
  • High reputation for pro audio processing equipment. See for a Behringer SP1000 Windows editor. Product line now includes amps with VIRTUBE technology for modeled amplifier sound plus digital effects. Also see Harmony Central's Behringer User Reviews. There is a Yahoo BC-2000 Group for users of the Behringer MIDI control surfaces plus a group for the Virualizer.
  • Carvin
  • Carvin known for their guitar products also make amps for keyboards.
  • Crest
  • Makers of hi quality power amplifiers and consoles for both studio and stage.
  • Crown Audio
  • Makers of hi quality power amplifiers for both studio and stage.
  • DBX
  • DBX - Long time and well respected manufacturer of audio processing gear featuring audio compressors.
  • Digital Music Corp
  • Midi patchbays, mergers etc. plus Voodlabs vintage recreation effect pedals
  • Digitech
  • List of links to sites for Digitech FX.
  • DOD
  • Manufacturer of multi FX & sound reinforcement products.
  • EbTech
  • Products include Hum Eliminator to help defeat those annoying groundloops.
  • Fostex
  • Featuring info on the Fostex line of hard disk & DAT recording equipment. Check
  • HSF Acoustics
  • Provide acoustic treament solutions to tame difficult recording spaces.
  • J.L. Cooper
  • Offer a complete line of mixing console automation systems, synchronizers, MIDI and computer peripherals for the professional audio, video and multimedia markets.
  • JoeMeek
  • Make a range of rackmount preamps and compressors.
  • KRK Systems
  • KRK produce highly rated near field monitors for mixing applications yet within the price range of most home studios.
  • Line6
  • Line6 provide guitar cabinet/speaker/mic emulation hardware & software TDM Pro Tools plugins. New release includes the POD direct recording guitar box with a wide range of options for recording guitar at home. Also see the AX2 Editor MIDI software for Windows for the Line 6 AX2 212 Digital Amplifier, as well as Patchwizard POD-AX2 patch converter and Soundpool for Line6 info in German. Here is another good page to read on what to expect from the POD. The Flextone Files maintains a resource site and patch archive for Flextone and POD users. Also see Dthacro's POD and Malhavok's POD archive. Plus you can find other sites on the Line6 Fans Webring and exchange info on the Podforum. Harmony Central have user reviews of Line 6 Gear. Home Of The Line 6 Users Group also provides POD patches. If you are still running Win3.1 and need software for the POD see PODMan. Harmony Central also provide Line6 User Reviews.
  • LT Sound Vocal Eliminator
  • Rack mountable vocal elimination module. Demo tape available on request.
  • Mackie
  • From small keyboard to 8 buss mixing boards Mackie products are very hard to beat at the price. 1604 owners can check the tutorial at L.E.M. Audio Equipment. There is a Yahoo Mackie Group.
  • MIDITemp
  • Make Multistation with and internal harddrive and floppy with MIDI and audio recording and playback support.
  • Motion Sound
  • Motion Sound make amplification with rotary sound simulation.
  • Rocktron On The Web
  • Product info on Rocktron audio processing modules. Harmony Central also provide Rocktron User Reviews.
  • Swivel
  • A Palm GM synth and MIDI adapter. It comes bundled with two MIDI software packages from Minimusic, the BeatPad pattern based sequencer and Notepad, a notation based composing tool.
  • T.C. Electronics
  • Audio processing hardware. Also TC-Helicon for info on the Voice Prism harmonizer and processor.
  • Tascam
  • A variety of audio recording products available including digital multitrack recording & mixer boards. Also see the Studio Maintenance Center DA-88 info on error codes, hidden functions etc.
  • Tech 21
  • Makers of Sans Amp and other emulators. I use one myself for direct recorded guitar and highly recommend it. Great sound ! Also see their Midi Mouse midi control footswitch.
  • Voyager 1 Beat Extractor
  • External module that constantly analyses/calculates the BPM of two audio inputs (Vinyl or CD/Line) & generates a stable MIDI clock signal (locks to the BPM of either channel)
  • Zoom
  • Make a range of effects for studio or guitar plus drum machines. Products offer a lot of features at a low cost. See the Guitar Effects Ring with a lot of links to Zoom enthusiast pages. Guitar Effects Page hosts the ring and also provides a database of Zoom patches. for great deals on Zoom music gear. See the Zoom 5050II Group for patches and discussion on this guitar FX box.

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