Digitech Zone
Harmony Central provide a review on the RP-2000

Digitech Links

  • Digitech
  • Official site with new product info plus manuals. You can find many files on FTP there. Also see manuals for discontinued products.
  • Digitech Yahoo Groups
  • Yahoo groups for discussion about Digitech gear.
  • 2120spdif
  • An interesting page with detailed info on the task of providing SPDIF digital outputs on a 2120 module. Only a suggested project for experienced electronics enthusiasts.
  • DigiSteve's 2120 Domain
  • 2120 V2.02 programs to download.
  • DSP 128+ Reference
  • Reference sheet for the DSP-128+ abbreviations.
  • Effects Database
  • Great effects database page at Harmony Central including user reviews of Digitech equipment Also a form to subscribe to the RP-1-L Mailing List
  • Gadgetworld Digitech Page
  • Archive of a site with a beta version of Win2112, a Windows editor editor for the 2112/2120 effects modules.
  • GSP Users' Archive Page
  • Web page with GSP resource links
  • GSP-2101-FAQ at Harmony Central
  • Good info document on the GSP 2101 AX7 tube based multi effects processor
  • GSP-2101 Patches
  • GSP-2101 sysex dumps in midi file format for easy loading. Kindly uploaded by Nick Williams.
  • GSP-2101 Technical Info
  • Resources, information & links to tools for the GSP-2101.
  • Raymond PMC-10 Backup
  • Raymond is a Win32 sysex utility specifically geared to the Digitech PMC10 MIDI footcontroller and is available to download.
  • RP12 Page
  • Info and patches for the RP12.
  • RP20 - Axemasters RP20 Patches
  • Some sysex patches to download plus a mailing list for the RP20 from Axe Masters
  • RP-2000 - Ripper 2000
  • A freeware PC editor under development for the RP-2000.
  • RP-2000 - RP2kedit
  • A small Yahoo discussion group for the RP-2000 processor.
  • RP3 & RP-7 - Van Halen Patches
  • mr5150 presents some Van Halen patches for the RP-3 and RP-7 guitar processors.
  • RP5/6 Links & Info
  • Links to resources and info on the RP5/6.
  • RP6Back
  • Allows you to save RP5/6 patches as one entire bank rather than individual patches.
  • RP7 - Shawn's RP7 Site
  • Shawn provides RP7 patches and documentation.
  • RPEdit
  • A very impressive shareware Win95 editor for the 2120-VGS, RP-21D, JM-150, RP-20, RP-12, RP-10, and Valve-Fx. File links to don't work but you can find them all here. The RPEdit software is also available for download at the Harmony Central software archive.
  • ValveFX Unofficial Homepage
  • Brian Shrader's ValveFX resource site now presenting a modified version of RPEdit that will work with the ValveFX.

    Digitech Related Products

  • Sound Quest
  • MIDI Quest is provides MIDI editing and librarian support for a wide range of MIDI devices including Digitech.
  • Unisyn
  • Mac & PC universal editor / librarian from Mark Of The Unicorn with support for 216 different midi devices including Digitech DSP-128, DSP-128 Plus, DHP-55, PMC10, Studio 5000. Also includes a global snapshot feature to save your entire studio environment. Very cool.

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