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#442135 - 12/07/17 04:48 PM Re: As a new keyboard gets old… [Re: Kabinopus]
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Kabinopus, you are incredibly talented, and I listened to your performance on this thread twice and loved every minute of it.

Don't worry about the Genos, you do just fine with the S-950, which is what I also use. It's a fantastic arranger keyboard. My power switch is beginning to act up as well, and I may attempt to fix it myself in the next few weeks. If I do, I will post some photos of what and how I did the job.

All the best,

Gary cool
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#442402 - Yesterday at 09:33 AM Re: As a new keyboard gets old… [Re: Kabinopus]
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Thank you for watching!

I remember me posting somewhere here years ago a track which I had recorder with PSR-3000, it was "track after track" recording, without using accompaniment feature. Now I'm kinda making a summery of having PSR-S950 for four years, so I made a track using the same method (using external sequencer), it's a tune from an old Russian movie
from Russia

#442406 - Yesterday at 10:13 AM Re: As a new keyboard gets old… [Re: Kabinopus]
tony mads usa Offline
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Two VERY fine performances ... thank you for sharing those ...
t. cool

#442425 - Today at 06:47 AM Re: As a new keyboard gets old… [Re: tony mads usa]
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Very well performed, Kabinopus!

Your other tracks on SoundCloud are also fine!

Thanks for sharing,


#442426 - Today at 07:03 AM Re: As a new keyboard gets old… [Re: Kabinopus]
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Excellent playing! Shows very well how wonderful the S950 and the other siblings in the PSR line can sound! Keep up the great work Kabinopus!

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