Attn Guitar Synth Pros - HELP!

Posted by: eldan

Attn Guitar Synth Pros - HELP! - 09/22/11 11:36 AM

Kinda new at this - I got a question,

What system or software do I need (GR20?55?...?) to be able to trigger pads/textures/loops (w/controllable tempos) from the lower 2 or 3 strings of my guitar (kinda like one finger accompaniment on cheap keyboards), while soloing on the higher strings?

Posted by: Nigel

Re: Attn Guitar Synth Pros - HELP! - 09/24/11 05:47 PM

Well if you wanted to trigger auto accompaniment obviously you would need to use a tone module that could do that like the Roland BK7m unless you will be using a computer then you could use auto accompaniment software instead ( see my links at for possible software solutions ). Either way you would still need the GR-55 as well to plug the GK-3 pickup into to provide MIDI data. So if you were using a computer then the GR-55 and software would probably work.