Accompaniment & Style Software
Song Factory is accompaniment sofware for Windows. vArranger is virtual arranger software for Windows. One Man Band provides arranger keyboard features in software. is arranger software.

Accompaniment & Style Software

  • Middle Eastern styles for many keyboard arranger brands. See their Youtube Channel.
  • Automated Composing System
  • A freeware software package available for both PC and Mac, that generates standard MIDI files in a number of musical styles.
  • Band-In-A-Box
  • A very useful package for PC and Mac providing auto accompaniment and style creation in a vast range of musical styles. A great teaching & practicing tool and well worth trying out. Useful for musicians at all levels. Read the BIAB Forum for user feedback on the software. Style Librarian for BIAB styles is available for Windows. Also see Norton Music for a range of Band-In-A-Box aftermarket products and FineTuned for 3rd party styles. There are also a number of BIAB Yahoo Groups including the BIAB File Sharing Group. Larry Bolch provides BIAB tutorials.
  • Calmus
  • Composition software for the Macintosh (68020 and higher) It is specially constructed for 20th century music providing special designed tools and options to deal with problems that arise in modern composition.
  • Camaro
  • Make quality styles for Yamaha arranger keyboards.
  • ChordPulse
  • ChordPulse is a handy virtual backup band for music practice, inspiration, improvisation, and pure fun with music. Play and sing along with ChordPulse. Use it as a full accompaniment, a drum machine with bass, a metronome with chords, and more.
  • Create Song Styles
  • Site with forums focused on making arranger keyboard styles. Also archived styles available to download.
  • Arranger styles for Ketron and Yamaha keyboards.
  • EMC - Style Works
  • Windows software for the conversion and creation of music styles for most arranger keyboards.
  • Gigastylecollection
  • Commercial styles available for Solton, Roland & Korg synths. Some sample styles available for download.
  • Harmony Assistant
  • Myriad presents Harmony Assistant and Melody Assistant for both Mac and Windows platforms.
  • Hi-Play
  • Hi-Play is Windows auto accompaniment software with .MID and PSR-8000 .STY style support.
  • Impro-Visor
  • Bob Keller provides his free Java software Impro-Visor a music notation program designed to help jazz musicians compose and hear solos similar to ones that might be improvised. The objective is to improve understanding of solo construction and tune chord changes. It can also be use to create accompaniment backing tracks. There are also some useful documents on jazz improvisation.
  • Jammer - Soundtrek
  • Jammer demo & files 256 Track MIDI sequencer with built in studio musicians. A very useful program for creating arrangements & drum tracks with assistance from the software. Also check the Yahoo Jammer Group.
  • Jasmine Music
  • Home of Onyx Arranager and Style Enhancer software.
  • Live-Styler
  • Windows style software based on the RSP DLLs that provides arranger keyboard auto accompaniment features over MIDI using Yamaha PSR styles. There is also a Yahoo LiveStyler Group.
  • MAAS
  • MIDI Auto-Accompaniment software for Windows.
  • Melody Assistant
  • Melody Assistant is available for both Windows and Mac. It is computer assisted melody building software.
  • Midifitz
  • Midifitz is a realtime MIDI accompaniment system that plays bass and drum notes instantly responding to the chords you play to the song style on your keyboard. Good for lounge accompaniment and practice.
  • Make style and MIDI file editing software.
  • Provide Melody Maestro, SuperJam and DirectMusic Producer. Windows software but apparently can be problematic to get working in later versions of Windows.
  • Music Master Works
  • A shareware Windows sequencing & accompaniment package. From Aspire software
  • nimbu
  • Accompaniments that allow the title to sound and to be recognized without melody. This arranger performs the way music works. You play your chords with your left hand, the melody with your right, and nimbu does the accompaniment.
  • Ntonyx Style Enhancer
  • Style Enhancer processes MIDI files to add human performance characteristics. Ntonyx offer both a stand alone version of their performance modeling software as well as a Cakewalk MIDI plugin.
  • One Man Band
  • PC software that converts any MIDI keyboard into a arranger keyboard. It works with Yamaha styles. Jos also has a Chord Player application to play chords on arranger keyboards. For info on using OMB see the OMBGroup at Yahoo.
  • Onyx
  • Onyx by Jasmine Music provides powerful sequencing, harmonizer and MIDI-2-Audio rendering.
  • Realtime Style Performer
  • Realtime Style Performer is Windows software package that provides arranger keyboard auto accompaniment features over MIDI using Yamaha PSR styles.
  • RMCA
  • Realtime MIDI Chord Arranger for Windows that creates styles from any MIDI file and is able to identify chords and to convert MIDI song measures into style parts
  • Style Disk Warehouse
  • Software and accessories for Technics, Yamaha, Hammond, Casio and Roland keyboards, pianos and organs
  • Unoffical Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site
  • Style creation tutorial for Yamaha keyboards. Also provides lots of great resources including free software to help you create styles. If you use a Yamaha arranger keyboard this site is a must to visit.
  • vArranger
  • Virtual arranger software for Windows.
  • Yamaha MusicSoftware
  • Music Software for Yamaha keyboards including the Tyros, Disklavier and the Clavinova.

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