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#98072 - 05/14/05 11:55 PM Re: UD's CarJacking ...... yikes!
Beakybird Offline
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We're glad that you're ok and that they caught this nut.

Now he should be made to suffer the way you suffered. He should be electrocuted - or even worse, forced to attend your show for a month!!

Seriously, we're glad that you are OK. It does sound like you have recovered your equipment. Is that correct?

I once had intruders break into my home and rob my gear while I was in bed. It took me months to recover emotionally. I was in an extremely creative stage in my musical career and it was devastating to not have my electric guitar and to have no means to replace it.

We hope your next thread is more typical of you - aquiring gear and reviewing it, not losing it.


#98073 - 05/15/05 01:52 AM Re: UD's CarJacking ...... yikes!
jamman Offline

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great to hear that you are OK.

SZ needs you.

#98074 - 05/15/05 01:53 AM Re: UD's CarJacking ...... yikes!
Dreamer Offline
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I was shocked to read the news about your ordeal, but I am really glad that in the end everything turned out for the better.
Things like these, once they have solved, can really teach us a lot of things!
All the best
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#98075 - 05/15/05 08:48 AM Re: UD's CarJacking ...... yikes!
Uncle Dave Offline
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Thanx everyone for all the words of support! My ordeal ( at least THIS part of it ) is over. There will undoubtedly be court testimonies etc. in the coming months ( years? )but the real scare is over, the reporters are on to new news, and my life is as it was on Tuesday. Ahhhhhh........
Feels good to look ahead.
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#98076 - 05/15/05 03:31 PM Re: UD's CarJacking ...... yikes!
trident Offline
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I am glad that you are alive and well Uncle Dave, I hope it is the last time you ever get in a situation like this.

#98077 - 05/15/05 09:41 PM Re: UD's CarJacking ...... yikes!
fathan Offline
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Dave, I am glad you are ok. now

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