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#97854 - 10/08/02 08:29 AM SD1 Owners... Help Wanted

I've been a XD9 owner (my very 1st AK) for ~ 6 weeks. I love all the sounds and features of this keyboard, but since I am primarily a piano player, I really want more than 5 octaves. For that reason, plus the audio tracks and weighted keys, I'm thinking of selling my XD9 and purchasing a used (18 months old) SD1.

My main concern is the incidence-of-repair/durability issue of the SD1, since there is no Ketron repair shop near Cleveland, Ohio! I've heard that the display panel loosens on some earlier models.

I would really appreciate feedback from those of you (Andrea?) who have had problems as well as those who haven't. Thanks!


#97855 - 10/08/02 09:14 AM Re: SD1 Owners... Help Wanted
Roel Offline

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I myself have not had one single problem with my SD1 (1.2 years old)
A good friend of mine purchased an SD1 recently and one of his keys (G3 ?) sounds way to loud compared to the other ones. (Velocity switch not correctly mounted)

This is just a little mechanical problem that can be solved by every electronical engineer/technician.


#97856 - 10/08/02 09:16 AM Re: SD1 Owners... Help Wanted
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Hi Glenn, I have had only a problem with the sustain pedal jack connection but in two days it has been resolved by the Ketron assistance (there was a chip defective).
I think that the SD1 is very sturdy keyboard.



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#97857 - 10/08/02 10:48 AM Re: SD1 Owners... Help Wanted
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Does anyone really think the SD1 and the XD9 feel that differently? I thought they were both pretty similar in the weighted dept.
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#97858 - 10/08/02 11:24 AM Re: SD1 Owners... Help Wanted
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I agree with you Uncle Dave .

I can not feel a big difference . I did have to get use to the KN7000 after being a Ketron user .


#97859 - 10/08/02 11:48 AM Re: SD1 Owners... Help Wanted
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Hi Glenn,
I think you were referring to me; well, I have had my SD1 for 5 months now and I had to take to a Ketron repair center twice; the first time they changed the filter board and the second time they changed the mother board plus another minor board. When I complained with the repair man about these issues, he replied: "Why are you complaining? You've got a brand new keyboard and I have replaced more than 300 dollars worth of parts for free!". True, I even have OS 3.0c installed directly on the motherboard now (no need to load it from floppy disk anymore), but my keyboard was supposed to be new even before and frankly, if I were a gigging musician making my living out of music, after these experiences I would always take a spare keyboard with me in my gigs!
All that said, during the time I hadn't my SD1 I really missed it and realized how precious it was not only to record tracks, but just simply to make music. I have been listening to all the Tyros MP3s available and, while I agree that the sounds are really good (some of them better than the SD1's), I think that Ketron still rules, style-wise.
I am so in love with the Ketron styles that I have an XD3 in order: this way, if the SD1 leaves me alone one more time, I will sell it and keep the XD3, together with my VA7 and maybe a Tyros...
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