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#92807 - 01/24/00 03:26 AM Re: Auto-Accompaniment Keyboards
Marek Offline

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Hi all,

as I see the theme "the X1 against the PSR 9000" or "Solton vs. Yamaha" is the main topic of many discussions in this forum. And it is clear: these two firms made excellent high-end keyboards which are leading with big distance before all other competitors in the same price class.
Concerning the quality: I had owned a small PSS Yamaha keyboard for 6 years and I had not problems with it. As I am only a user and not a dealer I can not generalize and say something about the overall quality of Yamaha or Solton products, only that I was satisfied with the quality of the one Yamaha keyboard I owned.

Heinrich, very nice comparision, indeed.

I did not comprehend your remark:
> Even if there are no sampled grooves used, it has very, very good drum fills and
> breaks. And it has a lot more of them than in the X1. That means: You use fill 2 between
> e.g. two main Bs. When you use in the same style fill 2 again between - lets say - two
> main Ds, you will have a DIFFERENT fill!
Could you explain it more in detail.
The PSR 9000 has 4 Fill-Ins and one Break: that means only one Fill-In more than the X1. As you have only 4 buttons, 3 Fill-Ins and one Break are accessible for a variation in time.

I agree with your review, except for the piano sound: how strange, I found the piano on the X1 poor and like the PSR 9000's one much better (I played the X1 two months ago. To be quite sure, I will go the a musicstore and play it again).

Question for you: and what keyboard will you choose? :-)



#92808 - 01/24/00 07:17 AM Re: Auto-Accompaniment Keyboards
George Kaye Offline
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I just thought I would let you know that you can push just one button to change styles. If you are using 3.0, which I know you are, just go to the arab mode in the utility page and turn it on instead of off. Now you can use the count in button ( I think this is the right one) and while holding it, press any number in the style section and this will be your bank, and now you can hit any number from 0 to 9 to select the style. I don't know why they call this arab! This gives you the ability to press one button to move within the bank. It's still not one up and down to find all styles, but it is very handy.
George Kaye
George Kaye
Kaye's Music Scene (Closed after 51 years)
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#92809 - 01/26/00 12:46 PM Re: Auto-Accompaniment Keyboards
DannyUK Offline
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Very interesting find! Thanks alot. Its much better, but its not perfect, an up or down would of been best.

Anybody who wants to use this method will benefit. Oh, you forgot to mention that to change the first digit of the style, you have to hold the 'count/pause restart button' and press the relevant numbe, and then its like you say, you only have to press the 1 button at a time.

Thanks George,

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