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#8708 - 08/26/08 08:58 PM Peavey SPectrum bass editor?
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Hi, I am brand new here, looking for some info. I play bass in a soul/ R&B/ party band, and we do quite a few tunes that use synth bass, so I put together a little synth bass system recently using an m-audio o2 controller and a peavey spectrum bass rack module (occupies a space in my amp rack, keyboard sits right on top of it). However, the spectrum bass is, let's say, quite limited in interface when you are used to working in the virtual instrument world. I did find soundquest, which will program it, but it is $100 for the cheapest option- I paid less than that for the controller and module together. Seeing as how I am a bassist, I don't need the peavey for real bass sounds, strictly synth bass. I found only about 3 patches out of the 200 that are decent synth patches, and the only control I currently have is programming one knob on the o2 to midi cc74, which modifies the "brightness." Not really the filter action I was hoping for! Anyway, does anyone have any knowledge of this unit (I know it is old, that's why I got it so cheap!). It looks like it is possible to assemble analog synth bass patches, but peavey's manual doesn't explain much. The patch I use sounds okay, but of course, as musicians, we always want more and better, right? I may eventually look at the novation xio synth, which will do exactly what I want, but I also want to see if there is a way to get the peavey to do it since that is what I have now. I want to avoid using my laptop live as a sound module. What I have now is probably "good enough" for weddings, private parties, etc., but as I said, the better I can get it... Thanks a lot!

#8709 - 08/30/08 10:13 AM Re: Peavey SPectrum bass editor?
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Welcome to the Synth Zone.

I checked out the manual on Peavey's website and discovered several things. First, while it is possible to transmit MIDI control change messages to the Spectrum Bass Module to adjust things like filter cutoff and resonance, envelope generator values, velocity curves, LFO shape and rate, etc., the edits made here can ONLY be held in the buffer memory and NOT saved to a permanent preset location. The manual states that edits within the buffer will remain at power down but my question would be "for how long?". I certainly wouldn't take a chance on expecting your edit to be there when you get to the gig. And keep in mind that even if the buffer memory was absolutely dependable, you can only have that one edited preset.

The Soundquest editor will make it easy to edit presets for the Spectrum Bass, but you will still need the computer with you and connected to the module in order to select multiple custom presets (Soundquest can store an unlimited number of edits and transmit one at a time over to the module).

In looking at the System Exclusive and Voice Architecture in the back of the manual, there is a lot of versatility there. a total of 52 waveforms, good control over filter and amplitude envelopes and so forth. This would be a fine module for home or studio use, but unless the factory presets are perfect for your needs as is, it is a limited for live use.


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