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#8666 - 08/15/08 07:15 AM Decksandrumsandrockandroll by the Propellerheads.

OK, this could be a bit random and perhaps no one will be able to answer this.

I'm looking for a list of keyboards used on the album Decksandrumsandrockandroll by the Propellerheads. In particular the lead keyboard that generates some fairly violent clav like noises?

If anyone has the remotest idea of what I'm talking about, and what the keyboard is I'd love to know.

Thanks people.

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#8667 - 08/19/08 05:54 AM Re: Decksandrumsandrockandroll by the Propellerheads.
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I am not familiar with the music, but I'm guessing you want to reproduce the sound ? For that type of sound, I can go in a couple of directions. One is to take a clav sound from either my M3 or Motif ES and process it through a light amp or distortion effect. Any of the modern workstations and synths with a clav like sound should be able to get you in the ballpark.

Another, and potentially free way to do it if you have VST capability is to use Big Tick Ticky Clav ( a very nice freeware ) and assign it with an amp simulator in a VST host( there are some excellent free hosts and effects that would do the trick ).


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